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Keeping up with the latest trends isn’t always easy, as things go in and out of fashion all too quickly. This is the case in many walks of life, and home improvements are no different. 

Something that was once the must-have feature of a property can quickly fall by the wayside, and homeowners can then struggle to understand what’s the right choice. 

At Attlas Doors, we design and manufacture our own aluminium panel doors that, quite simply, defy the trends. Our doors are high quality, high performance, and manufactured using the finest materials – and these aspects will always be popular with homeowners and trade customers alike. 

Here, we’ve broken down some of the most popular trends for contemporary front doors so you can identify the best features and see why Attlas Doors’ aluminium doors are the best choice. 

Contemporary Front Door Materials

One of the most important features to consider for a new front door is the material. Historically, timber has been a popular option for traditional properties. Then, those looking to upgrade went to uPVC, as it was more cost-effective, customisable and weatherproof. 

Since then, the market has expanded considerably. Two new options including composite and, of course, aluminium. Composite doors combine multiple materials including timber, uPVC, GRP and more – multiple materials for multiple benefits, twinning traditional appeal with modern performance. 

For single material doors, aluminium remains the standout choice. Its striking, metallic aesthetic is the most modern. Its contemporary look and feel makes it ideal for new builds or traditional homes looking to update. Its unmistakably on-trend, instantly recognisable and one of the most contemporary front door materials out there. 

Contemporary Front Door Furniture

Homeowners are looking more and more at making their door their own. No longer is a simple door with a number and a knocker enough to keep up with the neighbours and win more kerb appeal. 

Contemporary front door furniture includes complementary handles, knockers, letter plates and more in a range of materials. Some of the most popular contemporary options include Chrome, Silver or even Black. This gives people a door that really stands out. 

Aluminium doors are great for this. At Attlas Doors in particular, our aluminium panel doors feature various knockers and handle options that are tailored to how individual homeowners want their door to look. Contemporary front door furniture options combine usability, durability and style without compromise – which is exactly what we do here. 

Contemporary Front Door Manufacturers

If you’re a builder or installer looking for contemporary front doors for your next project, you can rely on Attlas Doors. As part of the Chigwell Group, we have a wealth of experience to draw upon in the industry, helping homeowners to choose the right improvement for them, meaning we know what it takes to make our front doors better than the others on the market. 

Contemporary front doors are in demand for their style and performance. Customers no longer want to decide on style over performance, or vice versa – and quite right too! Get in touch with Attlas Doors for aluminium panel door trade quotes that are competitive and fair. We have the perfect contemporary front doors in striking aluminium for you.