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The perfect modern home deserves the perfect modern front door. Equally, sometimes a heritage home can be completely reinvented with the addition of a modern front door. 

No matter what the reason for your home improvements or what the style of your property is, replacing the door is the ideal way to completely reinvent its look and feel, allowing you to welcome guests in style. 

Here at Attlas Doors, we’ve developed our cutting edge Attlas Doors to satisfy a homeowner’s every need. We work with installers, builders and tradespeople across the UK, offering nationwide delivery on our aluminium panel doors. 

We’ve put together this guide to modern front door styles so customers and installers alike can understand the latest trends, and why aluminium doors – specifically Attlas Doors – will be the perfect investment. 

Bespoke Style

For every home, there is the perfect front door. That’s why homeowners want to be able to choose the perfect bespoke style to suit their property. A new front door can transform the look and feel of any house, whether modern or traditional, but you’ll want to make sure you have enough customisation options available to create the perfect aesthetic. 

At Attlas Doors, we have a range of modern front door styles in various designs and configurations. Each of these can then be further customised with furniture and hardware options to create a gorgeous style completely bespoke to you. 

Range of Colours

Attlas Doors are already more eye-catching than most thanks to their range of beautiful designs that are ideal for any home. To enhance this, we offer a range of colour options to make our modern front doors as stylish as possible. 

Our door colours are available in ultra-modern finishes to ensure they last a long term and keep any home looking its best for many years to come. These vibrant colours are the perfect way to make a splash on the street, boost a property’s kerb appeal and express your personality through your modern front door style. 

Advanced Security

Security is increasingly, and understandably, a top concern for all homeowners. We all want to feel safe in our living spaces, secure behind a modern front door that is as tough and durable as it is standout and beautiful. 

That’s why Attlas Doors are fitted with sophisticated locking mechanisms and advanced security hardware to give any and all customers total peace of mind. The Winkhaus AV Slam Locks are anti-bump, -snap, -drill and -pick to resist the most prevalent forced entry attempts. This means every modern front door we offer combines style and security without compromise. 

Attlas Doors – Modern Door Styles

Get the most modern front door styles, coupled with the latest design options and performance in abundance, when you choose Attlas Doors. Aluminium is one of the most popular modern materials and is the perfect choice for you and your customers. 

Explore our website to see the full range of modern front door styles that we offer, and talk to our team to find out more information. Aluminium panel doors are one of the best choices any homeowner can make, and Attlas Doors is the best partner for you and your business.