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We offer a range of door knockers, letterboxes, doorbells, and numbers. No matter what you choose, our door furniture comes in a broad array of styles and finishes, from Regency and Victorian to mid-century and modern.

Front door furniture can add instant elegance and boost the kerb appeal of a property. Your front door is the first thing people see when they visit your property. It creates a first impression and is a focal point.

When taking on a home improvement project, it’s easy to overlook the importance of front door furniture. However, it’s important your door furniture and fittings should complement the style of the door and existing architecture of your home.

The key is finding the right style for your front door. For example, in a heritage home, you may want to maintain the timeless aesthetic with curved brass lever handles, ornate door knockers and polished numerals. Trend less door accessories a more popular with homeowners who have more contemporary tastes. A more modern property may suit brushed chrome or matt black front door furniture.

So which is the best style for your home, and what styles are currently the most popular?


Classic Doorknobs

Doorknobs have been complementing front doors since the end of the 19th century. They are a popular addition for front doors in traditional, heritage, modern and contemporary buildings. Modern innovations including enhanced grip and leverage mean our doorknobs deliver on both form and function.

Gone are the days when doorknobs were either ball or bun shapes. Now they come in oval or egg shapes, allowing you to enjoy a more versatile and bespoke front door furniture feature. Doorknobs are flexible in where they can be placed on the door.

The most popular, current colours for doorknobs are matt black, brass and polished chrome. Recently, there has been a trend of homeowners opting for dark coloured doorknobs. Dark-toned door hardware is popular in many properties because it can give any building a more modern and sophisticated look.

Bronze Handle

Stylish Door Handles

Door handles not only improve the ease of access into a building, but they also deliver an unmatched level of elegance when set alongside other front door furniture and bespoke door colours. Door handles are easy to use on both domestic and commercial projects and are more modern than doorknobs.

We offer a range of different door handle designs, ensuring you get a design that easily suits your existing architecture and design preferences. While simple pull varieties are the most popular furniture solution, long pull handle designs are a sleek and simple addition. Long pulls can look commercial but suit modern property aesthetics.

Lever handles are a lot less popular front door furniture solutions these days. Most homeowners prefer either a square edge or D handles. The most popular shade is bronze, although black or stainless steel is commonly installed for homeowners on a budget.

Layered textures and intricate materials are also popular, with homeowners preferring them to sleek and simple aesthetics. The knurled handle trend has also seen a resurgence in the last few years. They are visually interesting with textured details which will draw the eye.



Practical Letterboxes

A letterbox is a highly practical addition to any home, no matter the property type. Not only do letterboxes offer a safe, secure environment for post to be delivered into, but they also help minimise drafts.

The right letterbox for your front door will depend on the style of property you are transforming. An antique-style letterbox suits a period property or heritage home. Metal letterboxes better suit contemporary designs thanks to their monochromatic and minimalist aesthetic.

If the letterbox is located too close to the middle of the door could become a security risk as it makes the lock easier to access. Lower down letterplates are more popular and more modern looking.

5 reasons to choose attlas doors

Advanced Security

Security is a priority for homeowners. That is why our front doors are durable, robust and can handle force. To further enhance the safety if a space, our doors are fitted with state of the art mechanisms and security features.

The Winkhaus AV Slam Locks are anti-bump, -snap, -drill and -pick to resist the most popular attempts of gained entry by burglars. This means every front door we offer is attractive without compromising on security.

Explore our website to see the full range of popular front door furniture that we offer and get in touch with our team to find out more about our doors. Aluminium panel doors are one of the best installations any homeowner can make, and Attlas Doors is the best partner for you and your business.