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Whether you’re a homeowner or an installer, it’s important to be able to spot the signs that a front door isn’t doing what it needs to do – and that a new one is therefore needed. 

There are plenty of tell-tale signs that a front door needs replacing, and we’ve outlined a few of the most commonly seen ones here so you can decide if your door isn’t performing correctly. Equally, installers or trade visitors can recommend to potential customers why their doors are outdated and need a replacement. 

If you have a property or a homeowner customer whose front door is failing and is in need of a replacement, you’re in the right place! At Attlas Doors, we specialise in aluminium panel front doors to truly transform the look and feel of any property. 

Read on to find the signs that a new front door is needed and why Attlas Doors is the perfect solution. 

Outdated Style

Looks aren’t everything, but they do count for a lot – especially when it comes to your home. Kerb appeal is important. Everything wants a property that stands out on their street, but of course for the right reasons. When a front door becomes too old, oftentimes that is plain to see. Paint can crack, and warps and bends can become more and more visible. 

A tired-looking front door is as good a reason as any to look at getting a replacement. A front door should be a welcoming sight, whether for friends and family coming round to visit, or just for the occupants coming home after a long day at work. Replacing a front door, such as with an aluminium panel front door from us, can refresh and rejuvenate even the more exhausted-looking homes. 

Underwhelming Performance 

A sad-looking front door is often related to other problems elsewhere too. When a door starts to warp and twist, it can come away from the frame. This means there are more gaps for cold air to sneak through and it’s easier for warm air to escape. You might find yourself having to turn up the heating more, which will have an effect on your bills as well. 

This is a particular problem for older timber doors, which are prone to these sorts of problems. And it’s even an issue with uPVC doors. Aluminium doors, meanwhile, are much more resistant to changes in temperature which will cause twisting and warping, and they don’t suffer from rotting over time. They’re a great way to invest in a style that lasts longer while also helping you to save money on your heating bills in the long run. 

Sub-par Security 

At the very least, there are a few things that you’ll need your door to do – it has to open and close properly, letting you get in easily, while also keeping out anyone who you don’t want to come in. If your door isn’t capable of this anymore, it needs to be replaced. Security is a top priority for many homeowners, of course, but sadly there will always be those characters who will pick easy targets and try to break in. 

Front doors that look tired will make your home seem more vulnerable. Plus, if they’re older, they likely won’t have the latest locking mechanisms unless you’ve retro-fitted them. Choosing a new front door means homeowners can often pick from the more advanced security features, such as smart locks or anti-pick mechanisms. This makes for a tough exterior for potential intruders to try and break through and will give you peace of mind. Aluminium panel door from us excel at this, and they’re inherently strong and highly secure. 

Attlas Doors – Replacement Aluminium Panel Doors

To recap, the signs that you need a new front door include: 

When you know it’s time to replace your front door, where do you turn? If you’re an installer, you know you can recommend Attlas Doors. We work with builders and architects across the county to provide our cutting-edge and eye-catching aluminium panel doors. 

If you’re working with a homeowner who wants a modern, contemporary, superior front door, choose our aluminium doors. Contact our friendly team to learn more and we’ll be happy to help!